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Shipping time

All orders are handmade by one person (me!). They either are made for order, or if I have a small stock, are ajusted to your size when you order.

Please allow 1-3 weeks before shipping.

Once the order is shipped, I have no power over its delivery time. 

Shipping method

Orders to Belgium and all other EU countries except France are sent by local Belgian post, Bpost.

Orders to France and UK are sent by local French post, using their Colissimo service.

The items are send in protective envelopes, please note I use minimal to no extra wrapping under, as I try to not buy new paper or plastic if I can avoid it!

Shipping fees

Shipping is becoming expensive, and I am as sorry as you are, and have no control about it. Please be sure I use the best options for me and you at the time and will change my shipping method if a better and cheaper solution presents itself. Thank you for supporting a small business! 

Shipping fees are an estimation based on weight of the order and location of the delivery. If the fee turns out to be more than expected, I pay the difference from my pocket.

Returns, refunds & exchange

All items are handmade and all sales are final. I do not accept exchanges, refunds or returns, so please be sure of your order and your delivery informations! Informations on how to be sure of the sizing you want are provided at the end of this page. 

The only exception to return/exchange is if I send you another item than the one you ordered.

Please email me here if you need any change in sizing, which I’ll happily do IF your order is not already made and shipped out.

Please don’t send me an item back without contacting me, I will not refund any orders that are send back to me without notice and my consent. 

You will be responsible for shipping costs when shipping back for return or exchange.

Lost Packages

I ship to the address you give me, and I am not responsible if your package is lost, stolen or sent back to me. If a package is sent back to me, the customer will have to pay for the new shipping if the package has to be shipped back again.

Be sure to contact your local post when there is a problem with missing package.

International shipping

I only ship in the EU and UK for now, due to high shipping fees. I will hopefully extend shipping to other country when possible. If you are living outside EU but plan to be in Brussels soon and want to buy an item from me, please email me so we can arrange something!

Shipping out of Belgium may be subjected to import taxes, or custom fees by the destination country. The recipient will be responsible for these charges.


I will be happy to repair your item if a piece is broken, given I have or can procure said piece. It’s a free of charge service, however you’ll have to pay for the shipping cost.

Jewelry materials

The base of the jewelry is stainless steel, which is considered hypoallergenic, and doesn’t rust or tarnish. If any other element is not stainless steel, or is nickeled stainless steel, it is written in the product description. I try as much as possible to not use other material than stainless steel, and if I have no choice, these other materials are as much as I can on parts that do not touch the skin. Please read descriptions of products if you have an allergy to any metal. 

The products can be cleaned by washing them with water and soap before being dried.

Jewelry measurements

Most products are ajusted to your size, please write it down in centimeters in the note section of your order. Depending on how you’d like the product to fit, you can either just measure your neck or wrist if you want it to be fit, for example for chokers, otherwise you can measure a personal piece that fits the way you’d like the one you order to. If you do not own a mesureing tape, you can always take a piece of thread or thin rope, place it as you’d like the piece to be, and then report the measure with a ruler. Please be precise and sure about your measurement before ordering. 

Custom orders

Customs are not currently available, but hopefully will be soon!

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